The Modern Mandate

      Vote The Recently concluded elections in India have caught many by surprise. It was thought by many to be a tight election and was clearly poised towards a hung parliament with a multi-party coalition obtaining the power to govern, but to everyone’s astonishment, the right-wing nationalist party once again came to power with a sweeping majority. Even though it was surprising on the outset, when we look with intent, it reflects a larger trend of the current world. Recent mandates all across the globe are witnessing the rise of right-wing majoritarianism; especially populist nationalistic parties with strongman leadership have harvested great dividends. This shift in the political spectrum is also strongly felt even in the strategically left-leaning globalist Europe with gains by many conservative nationalistic parties across the European Union. The recent call for rethinking the Eurozone economy with Britain favoring Brexit is a sign of a global shift, and this change in liberal Europe and across the world has an interesting story to tell. India’s choice also throws a surprise to many, though India has adopted the western model of governance it was still a diverse country with multi-lingual, multi-ethnic and multi-state union, and consensus through a collective consciousness is not that easy as the west. Especially with so many poor in the nation, it’s all the more surprising about the choice of a much conservative government. One thing is true that India has tagged along with the world’s new trend of the right-wing nationalistic surge.

                       This Modern Mandate across the world has a rich history and I would say it’s part of a Biblical plan. The Rise of Israel since its independence is tremendous, and the consolidation has been very effective. The modern statehood of Israel and the declaration in 1948 didn’t come up without its own support and opposition. Their operations, especially in the west bank are still questioned by many countries as it undermines UN policies. Yet in this decade we can see subtle changes in the international forum which is maximizing day by day in support of Israel Zionist policies. The watershed elections in America in 2016 and the president’s move of the embassy to Jerusalem in support of Israel have seen rising support in countries across many parts of the world. There is a Pro-Israel wave that’s gathering momentum in many parts of the world, and the strong populist leaders who have come to power in Hungary, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Australia, including America as well as many populist parties which are itching to come to power in Europe do really share a pattern where Israel takes center stage in world politics more than ever before. Some Arab countries also showing soft signs towards Israel might come as a surprise, but there are changes in the Arab world too. Even in India, the current prime minister became the first to visit Israel and seems like a supporter. It would be interesting to see his moves with regards to Israel in the days to come. So we can see Israel and Jerusalem are slowly taking a very important place in Modern History. The biblical prophecy of the gathering found in the scriptures is taking place in a much sharper manner, “And I will bring them out from the peoples and gather them.” Ezekiel 34:13, Jeremiah 23:7-8, Jeremiah 30, 31 & Isaiah 49:22. The prophecies about the gathering of the people of Israel gradually being fulfilled, this would then lead to the ultimate culmination of the dream project of Israel found in Isaiah 2, which corresponds to the reign of Jesus Christ. Though the Jewish orthodoxy look at this as the fulfillment of their restoration promised by YHWH, Christian view projects this to Christ’s second coming and both are not two different things except for the revealed Messiah in Jesus. We can say things in the international arena are turning towards Israel for a bigger reason and for a biblical reason. Hence, one can expect a lot of changes across the world in the days to come and we don’t exactly know what kind of backlash it will bring from the left movements around the world or will there be an alternative force is something we should wait and watch. Usually, nationalistic politics were always been dangerous for the Jewish Diaspora on racial and ethnic grounds, but overwhelming support of populist leaders across the world towards the nation Israel and the Jerusalem project is quite interesting to notice!!

                      The previous centuries have seen the left-liberal movements creating waves in the modern democratic world. The revolution of the working class in America, France, Russia, and China has contributed much to the world we see today. From its origins in Athens to various people struggle movements across the century, democracy with all its flawed expressions had been the most accepted model of governance of the modern world. This attributed idea of the Greeks has truly come a long way into our everyday lives. Civilizations, Kingdoms, Empires have dominated human history in times past with standard hierarchy for ages. Monarchy and Theocracy played a vital role in those eras; it also had its revolt and revolutions against the ruling dispensation but was consolidated well through power and politics. In the post-Christ medieval era where the Christian Kingdom in the West countered by the Umayyads and Caliphates in the Arab world, religious wars took the attention away from the order of governance. Important moments in history which showed people struggle movements against the powerful like the Magna Carta in England, the reformation in Europe contributed tremendously to modern day’s liberalism of the left. Further, the contribution by the French revolution, Karl Marx- Engels, Russian and Chinese revolution shaped the democratic world of the previous century. The communistic pattern of dividing society into two classes with Europe’s traditional imperialism surely gave some economic benefits of balance in Europe. The colonized east didn’t absorb democracy as the colonizing west. Especially the Arab world saw a religious and cultural intrusion through democracy; they generally see it as a western conspiracy. Since America became the Global superpower somehow they became the torchbearers of democracy across the world which didn’t go well with much of the Arab world. The post colonized migration and liberalization of the latter half of the last century created the cultural mix of the new world. After Y2K with many incidents across the world, many parts of the Arab world became America phobic and some of the western world Islam phobic. The Modern mandate surely comes from this background of great Imbalance and half-hearted acceptance of its values. The Democracy, which produced strong left governments in the past century, now through nationalistic populist consolidation produces right governments in the wake of this century.

Dome of Rock

                          A group of tribal nomads becoming a nation can be a modern day Epic and an inspirational story in international forums and LED talks, but Israel’s story is rather deemed controversial. In the history of Israel, they were led by the patriarchs and after the Exodus under the leadership of Moses and Joshua Israel, then it was led by Judges whom God raised time to time. The Confederation of the 12 tribes ended with conflict with Benjamin and mutual mistrust. After Prophet Samuel consolidated the power, Israel sought a king like other nations for them against the will of God (1 Samuel 8) as God was their king and leader. The Kings of the United Kingdom of Israel were Saul, David, and Solomon after that kingdom got divided into two. David captured the whole land of Israel and made Jerusalem the Capital, under Solomon’s (Shalom or peace) rule Israel was at its peak gaining international attention and enjoyed peace and prosperity. After Solomon, the Kingdom of Israel lost its unity and it never became a single kingdom and they were led by priests against the Greek Hellenists for a period of time before the arrival of Jesus Christ. The Land saw conquest after conquest in different eras. Babylon, Persia, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and the British took control before its inception again in May14, 1948 as a modern Democratic state. Today; Israel is a parliamentary democracy like many other countries with a nationalist aspiration driven by Zionism based politics occupying the populist political space. If we look at the history of Israel no matter what type of Government model they adhered to, God always intervened in their course. The prophets could even warn their kings with the word of God, and they gave importance to the word of God. The Torah or the Law of God guided and Governed their living. Even the blessing and punishment alike for the nation was foretold. Even Israel knows that their origin and existence is because of a promise received by faith in God so that they would be a blessing to nations and it is unique in that way.

                               As the world’s focus and its mandates are slowly shifting towards Israel these days, it’s important to understand that the Bible always portrayed that the global shifts always happened corresponding to Israel. God’s plan for the whole humanity will prevail and he has placed Israel as a signpost to watch out for. Even though they have rejected him many times God is still at work with them and with the world through them. The mandate of our times is certainly directed towards Israel as they are growing stronger each day and we don’t exactly know how things will shape up in the days to come, but it’s important to know that God is in control as Isaiah says “This what the Lord says: “Heaven is my throne, earth is my footstool”. Isaiah 66:1. Israel’s rise is a prophecy being fulfilled but it will have its effects, it can cause suffering to a lot of people even to those belonging to Christ their decisions can bring a lot of trouble, but we need to pray for them and the plans God has for them be fulfilled. Jesus is good news for all and through him is the redemption of all mankind including Israel. God has been merciful on Israel and he has opened a way for their gathering back in the land he had promised to fulfill his words, but apart from Christ no matter how big a blessing they strive for it will be a pain to them, in Jesus Christ alone they can find true peace they yearn for. In Christ Jesus alone the true Kingdom of Israel will be restored to its glory along with the whole world. Apostle writes in Colossians 1:27 To them, God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. This applies to Israel as well!!

                               To conclude, All through the history of mankind, God was working through his people to bring about his plan. The world had seen several mandates throughout the history of many different kinds, but as we are nearing towards the final mandate it’s vital to understand how God is working through the mandates of our time. As politics is consuming our attention, it’s important that we have God’s perspective found in the Bible to interpret the stories of our world. Democracy is good and it has helped to make human lives better, but no matter who rules us, we should realize that Christ is the ruler of our lives and hearts and to please him is our primary duty. We are under Christocracy!! And we are looking forward towards the glory days with him. So our goal should be based on truth, love, and service to the whole humanity and prepare people for days to come which the Bible has clearly revealed in Isaiah 66, Daniel 7 & Revelation 20.  We Kingdom people should be a light to those who belong to other -world kingdoms. The one who sacrificed himself for the sins of the whole world can save the whole world; the savior of the whole world alone can bring peace to the entire world. “For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross”. Colossians 1:19, 20.

             Israel is being prepared for the second coming of Jesus Christ and through the context of Israel, the world is being prepared to receive God’s ultimate mandate through Christ Jesus. Till then let’s continue to pray like Jesus taught us. “Let your Kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

“Serve the Lord with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling. Kiss his son, or he will be angry and your way will lead to your destruction, for his wrath can flare up in a moment. Blessed are all who take refuge in him”.

Psalm 2:11, 12

Theodor Herzl Was Willing to Tolerate Europe’s Far-Right. Should Israel’s Leaders Do the Same?


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