The Kashmir ‘Con’flict.

              4th Phase of J&K Assembly ElectionThe recent attacks on the CRPF Jawans in Pulwama, Kashmir is a problem that has been brewing for a long time. More than forty precious lives have been lost due to attack by a suicide bomber. As our heart grieves for this massive loss and the suffering the families are going through, let’s not try to throw away our responsibility as a nation and as a government by blaming only the perpetrators and the nation on the other side of the border, if we do that it’s an insult to those who were killed and exposes the vulnerability in our inland security and intelligence that has failed to protect those who protect the borders. Second, it gives impetus to the opposite camp that we are undermining the issue and help the enemy in giving a wrong signal that we as a nation are taking this lightly. But all these don’t take away the inhumane act of violence that was carried out. If someone decides to destroy himself to destroy others nothing can be done much, even intelligence wise developed countries in the west suffer from this kind of violence.

            As I mentioned before if we are aware of the long history of the Kashmir Issue we would know the intricacies involved with it. Any territorial issues pertaining to land and borders are always volatile and sensitive whether it’s Israel and Palestine, North Korea and South Korea etc. So no wonder the Kashmir conflict is long away from resolution and peace is ever elusive in the borders. Kashmir Issue also is little different than some of the other territorial disputes, it was a princely state before its annexure to the Indian Union; the annexure was possible because of both imperial autocraticism and of a political consensus (kindly look into the history). The conflict began with a war between India and Pakistan with serious trust deficit from the beginning of annexure and it was required of both the parties to create an atmosphere of trust. This responsibility was neglected by both sides but Pakistan was more lethargic in its approach, and India a most responsible partner with a lot of imperfections. Obviously, the sufferers are our people of Kashmir and our Army men.  Many who sensitize this issue and crying out for Violence against innocent Kashmiris don’t even know the real problems happening there. Apart from violence, there are complaints about the breach in the fundamental human rights against the people of the valley there are cases of fake encounters and sexual abuse. Moreover the Government of the day with over-militarization, and allowing radical narratives, with the insensitive methods used in suppressing the public with the use of pellet guns has seriously affected the already damaged trust in the valley. The government has to take some responsibility to this as our sacrificial army men and their families have to suffer because of rubbish policies and ideological tantrums.

            As I have a Christo Centric world view, I’m not for any military or war anywhere but believe strongly that this fallen world will never leave its penchant for war, as long there is a quest for power, War is unavoidable and even the final judgment will be preceded by war. My only appeal to our countrymen as a Christo centrist is the resolution of conflict through political and diplomatic routes. Both sides have enough number of extremists, who believe an all-out war will bring the final solution, but the human cost is far too high in such occasions, and genocide would leave an entire nation in danger. War breeds war and the whole nation will go through this vicious cycle, any sane person who has gone to war would never ask for another one, so let’s not have your war cry in social media and in your newsrooms, if you want a war then kindly go the border and go for a war . We need a human approach which begins with talks with local stakeholders and through them earns the trust of the locals, putting aside ego is the key for a dialogue atleast with the local Kasmiris. The more the forces are deployed the more the normalcy will be arrested, especially there is no political activity in more than 6 months since governor’s rule is at place. This is a serious problem and elections should be held as soon as possible and people should be empowered of their rights. Let’s not forget as a nation that the people of Kashmir are as Indian as we are. We should unapologetically criticize the government for its failure in intelligence and ask them to function more sincerely in safeguarding the lives of our army men. Enough finances should be allocated for defense security and welfare, 3000 crores and much more for a statue shows how this government has misplaced its priority. Any government of the day is prone to questions in a democracy, and especially in the things of national security. This government will try to take some brownie points and make this as an election issue, but we as citizens should see this issue as humanely as possible and stand by the side of the truth. It’s bad to tag those who support our own Indian Kashmiri people as `anti-national’ or ‘other national’ that’s unnecessary to marginalize a very sensitive issue. I love my country because of its people not because of a national song or a national flag or a national leader. And I love the people of the other country also, everyone deserves to live quiet and a decent life filled with love. Let’s not forget the pain of the jawans and the pain of the people of Kashmir is our pain too an all we pray for is peace to prevail so that everyone can live. I want to end with the command of Jesus Christ which makes a lot of sense, “Love your neighbor as yourself “. I believe most of the problems will be solved if we are able to obey this command. Peace and Love!!

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